Why Contract Professional Commercial Decorators for Your Business Premises or Properties?

If you are a business owner or in a position of responsibility for the maintenance of a business premises or property then there will come a time when you require the services of professional commercial decorators. Below are some of the key points for you to consider:

  • Final quote/cost versus quality of workmanship/materials
  • Reliability of individual/contractor
  • Experience of the decorating contractor
  • Risk

Taking these considerations one at a time, we will hopefully help you understand what we do, and what we offer above and beyond other contracting companies.

Final Quote or Job Cost for Commercial Decorating

If you put a job out to tender or invite quotes from a number of contractors then you should always dig a little deeper than just looking at the supplied figure. If a contractor has priced a job too low then there will only be 2 options once the job has begun – pass these on to you in increased job costings, or to look to cut corners to enable the job to be completed at a cost neutral or profit basis.

If a contractor begins to look at ways to cut costs then you may suffer a much reduced job quality. Workmanship may become rushed or not as detailed as your standards dictate. Inferior or cheaper methods of decoration may be deployed to cut costs.

Of course, maybe the contractor always intended to proceed with these steps from the start, at that was the reason their quote was lowest in the first instance. You have to be clear what standards you need your job completed to, and then have the confidence that the quoted prices from contractors reflect the workmanship and material levels you need to ensure the standards you demand are met!

We are professional decorators that complete each and every job to the same highest standards. We will also look at all aspects of your project and ensure all decorating elements are properly spec’d and quoted for. If there are likely to be unexpected additional issues/costs our experience will help us to anticipate or mitigate these.

Reliability of Your Decorating Contractor

There are a number of factors that can affect the reliability of any potential painting and decorating contractor you are looking to appoint. Some of the questions you should be asking are how long have you been trading, have you changed company name during this time, how many professional decorators can you provide, how many will be needed on my project, what similar projects have you been involved in, have you always delivered on time and on budget and finally are they happy to provide references to back this up.

Ensuring your decorating contractor can do what they say they can is crucial. It will be the peace of mind that your project will run smoothly. It will ensure you get what you expect and most importantly at the cost and time you want it.

Experienced Professional Painters & Decorators

Commerical Decorators - A retirement home decorating job completed by Merritt Decorators

Commerical Decorators – A retirement home decorating job completed by Merritt Decorators

A good contractor will employ experienced painters and decorators. Everyone has to start somewhere and trainees and apprentices are the experienced professionals of tomorrow. However; it is crucial that inexperienced decorators are supervised and taught by someone with appropriate experience and knowledge. You job will have certain requirements and by appointing the correct professional contractor you will ensure you have the right mix of experience and skill to complete your project to 100% satisfaction.

Here at Merritt Decorators we have been called in to correct the mistakes of inexperienced decorators. This has led to increased costs and delayed project timescales for the business – don’t put your own business at risk and ensure you contract correctly first time!

What Are The Risks to My Business of Poor Decorating Contracting?

We have pretty much covered your risks above – the main ones are time and money. However, that is not the only risks from inexperienced or just outright cowboy contractors. If you have specified specific specifications such as non slip coatings or specialist anti fungal/mould resistant paint; what happens if the incorrect products are used? Your business may be at risk of health and safety breaches or you may find the bathroom or kitchen you signed off on actually proves to be not fit for purpose.

The risk then is having to correct the initial problem; you may or may not be able to get the work rectified by the original contractor (assuming you still trust them!) – you may have to spend more time and money and most importantly risk your own reputation from being affected!

Contract the Professional Painters and Decorators Now!

Please feel free to look around our website to see all the professional decorating services we offer. Also get in touch if you want to discuss any aspect of any potential project.

We are confident Merritt Decorators are the professional painting and decorating contractor choice for your project; and we offer the best value for all your decorating needs!

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