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There may be a lot of talk in the media around the impact of Brexit but we are actually experiencing great demand for our quality painting and decorating contracting. Whether this is a testament to our high quality finish and attention to detail, or just a result of normal supply and demand; either way we aren’t complaining!

We have noticed some companies are looking to be as frugal as possible when it comes to controlling budget and project expenditure, however many are just as concerned with reliability and what standard of service they will be receiving. What may seem a cheaper quote initially can actually lead to more expense in the long term as many contract or project manager will tell you!

On large scale projects ensuring each stage is managed and completed on schedule to stated specification is crucial. Slippage can lead to further delays down the line and delays nearly always mean increased costs!

New build decorating contractor

We are a new build decorating contractor

Trusted decorating contracting each and every time

The advantage of working with a company such as ours is that we have experience and we have the resources to ensure we can always commit and fulfil our side of any agreement. We also have the knowledge to help anticipate snags in advance, so they can be flagged and managed appropriately.

We are based in Hampshire and have undertaken a number of projects in cities such as Portsmouth and Southampton; however we can and do travel and have also recently undertaken a number of projects in London and further afield!

Internal Decorating Painting Job Example

Internal Decorating Painting Job by Merritt Decorators

Skilled painters and decorators

The most crucial advantage we have is we invest and retain some of the most skilled and experienced painters and decorators. We always have a workforce that is capable and most importantly proud of the standards they produce and you expect!